How it all began...
The Furry Chef was born like many other small businesses: inspired by their own little treasure, Mila (seen here, modelling), humans Julia & Julian wanted to create a treat that they would actually feel good feeding to their precious pup; the meaty treats on the market were full of fillers, meat meal, cheap offcuts, wheat, low quality dairy and sometimes even sugar; Mila was scratching and shedding more fur than was healthy (despite being a walking fluffball). Thus, the fully organic treat range was born with an emphasis on real, whole foods, and the purest, highest-quality, local ingredients money could buy; for them, only the best would do and only the best should be sold. Ever since their opening, customers have enjoyed the transparent, quality, personal touch that is apparent in every product.

This ethos has been carried through to their newest venture of eco-organic, sustainable harnesses & collars under the sartorial sister company The Furry Couture. Continue reading below to find out what our criteria is for all our materials, ingredients, fabrics and packaging.

our food
To put it plainly, what sets us apart from the pack is our ethics: every time we conceptualise, plan, create, produce and package a product we aim to give our customers the best quality that we can. Our treats are made with the finest ingredients one can buy for human consumption, entirely Organic and almost entirely UK-sourced. Our love for animals does not end with dogs; the meat used in our products is all from under 3 hours from London and has been vetted for their humane practice in animal husbandry, ensuring that they are kept free roaming, wild, and fed appropriate, organic diets; we are not a vegan brand but we have no interest in supporting animal cruelty or mass-production of any kind. Once our ingredients have been sourced, our treats are then handcrafted and dehydrated at low temperatures to conserve as much of the goodness as possible. From start to finish, our treats are inspected for smell, taste and quality; we do not rely on machinery to churn out perfectly refined edges because that’s what gives us character and keeps us authentically us!

We are certified Organic by Organic Farmer’s and Growers. To learn more about them and what criteria we have to meet, visit their website at

our fabrics
As for fabrics, 96% of our fabrics used are GOTS Certified Organic. You may be asking why this matters? Hopefully your dog won’t eat his harness! To answer this question, its easier to think of this in terms of human fashion: fast fashion means low quality material, which means two things: chemicals & cheap labour. Most cottons in the world have been picked, woven, bleached and dyed using harsh chemicals that remain in the fibres of all the garments it creates; over time, this seeps into our skin and can cause problems within our bodies after long exposure and its not different for your pet. Workers in factories expose themselves daily to these chemicals and must work long hours for little pay in order for the end consumer to buy them at a bargain. As with our food products, The Furry Couture aims to support institutions which provide high quality, chemical-free, organic materials who can then support their own employees adequately. For this reason, our materials change seasonally and we do not carry enormous stock.

Leather is also common in pet products around the world; it is chic, sturdy and all natural; however, mass-produced leather has a reputation of animal cruelty as well as detrimental effects on the environment. Although we are not a vegan brand, we choose to support sustainability and thus our leather collars and details are all sourced from luxury leather offcuts which have been repurposed for your fashion!

Do you have any questions about our business practise? We would love to hear from you. Always feel free to email us at